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During Lockdown many women may have been prioritising others above ourselves, either through our jobs in care work or care of our children or vulnerable family members.

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Individuals and organisations who have information or experience of how the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment process is working in Northern Ireland are being asked to share their views as part of the second Independent Review of PIP.  The Review will look at the operation of the PIP assessment process.

Personal Independence Payment review consultation.

The Department for the Economy has launched a public consultation on the introduction of new rights to Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay in Northern Ireland. 


At the moment in Northern Ireland there is no specific entitlement to Parental Bereavement leave or pay for employed parents following the loss of a child. 

Parental bereavement leave consultation.

The Government is proposing to give carers the right to take one week of unpaid leave per year, to provide care for a family member or other dependant who has a longer term or otherwise significant care need. This consultation is seeking views on this proposal. 

Consultation on carers leave