Following the controversy surrounding the rape trial of two Ulster Rugby players earlier this year, Sir John Gillen was tasked to lead a major review into how serious sexual crimes are handled by the judicial system in Northern Ireland.

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10% of women in Northern Ireland (around 2,400 mothers) will suffer from post-natal depression.  This increases to 40% for mothers of premature babies.  However a failure to invest in mental health services for new and expectant mothers could leave many women without the necessary support a new report has found.

1 in 10 women will experience post natal depression

In November this year the United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights visited the UK including Northern Ireland.   Sir Philip Alston met with people living in poverty, talked with people in civil society, frontline advisers, community organisations, foodbanks, advice staff and spoke to politicians. 


The Government has changed the state pension age.  This is the earliest age you can claim your state pension.  Up to 2010 women received their state pension at age 60 but since April 2010 the age at which women can claim has been changing.


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This Sunday will mark the end of Fertility Week 2018, Infertility is a medical condition which affects one in six couples in the UK.


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