Could You or a Woman You Know Take Part in the WRC Response to the Review of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)?

Personal Independence Payment review consultation.

Individuals and organisations who have information or experience of how the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment process is working in Northern Ireland are being asked to share their views as part of the second Independent Review of PIP.  The Review will look at the operation of the PIP assessment process.

The call for evidence is aimed at organisations and individuals who have information that is relevant to how the PIP assessment process is working for new claims, award reviews and change of circumstances.

Details about the call for evidence are available here:

The closing date for this consultation been extended and is now Friday 16th October 2020. 

As yet we are unsure how things are going to progress in terms of the ability to hold focus group sessions.  If these are possible over the coming weeks and months Siobhán will organise a number of sessions to discuss the issues with PIP.  In the meantime if any women’s centres or Consortium partners wish to make a contribution or know of any women who would be willing to take part in a telephone interview as part of this consultation please contact Siobhán with the details.

You can contact Siobhán via email at