Latest News

The Women’s Regional Consortium is involved in various campaigns to drive change. You can keep up to date with campaign progress below.

Cliff Edge Coalition

Siobhán continues to work as part of the Working Group for the Cliff Edge Coalition on extending and strengthening the welfare mitigations package in Northern Ireland.  The focus of Cliff Edge work will now be on strengthening the mitigations package with some possible new mitigations.  Siobhán has worked to update the Cliff Edge Briefing Paper to reflect this and it will be sent to all the new MLAs.

Keep the Lifeline

Siobhán continues to attend meetings of Keep the Lifeline with a focus on ensuring that benefits keep up with the rising cost of living.

NI Child Payment

Siobhán has been liaising with a number of politicians and organisations in relation to the possible introduction of a NI Child Payment.  Siobhán continues to attend the two-weekly meetings of the Coalition to take this work forwards.

Cost of Living Coalition

Siobhán has joined the Cost of Living Coalition Belfast.  This is a group of trade unionists, anti-poverty campaigners, environmentalists and activities who want to see action on cost of living issues.  The Coalition believe that the Stormont Executive not sitting shouldn’t be an excuse for inaction.

Siobhán has attended a number of meetings of the Coalition, attended a protest at City Hall, Belfast and a protest at Stormont on the Cost of Living Crisis.  Siobhán also spoke about the Consortium research on Cost of Living issues at the launch of the Coalition in Belfast.  Siobhán also did a number of media interviews around the launch of the Coalition and the Consortium research around this issue.