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The Department of Education (DE) is consulting with its ‘Public Service Bodies’ and welcomes views from its wider stakeholder base.

The Consultation relates to proposals for Regulations (secondary legislation) that DE has to have in place by 11 May 2023, under the Period Products (Free Provision) Act (Northern Ireland) 2022.  DE is not consulting on whether free period products should be widely available to the public – that is already provided for under the Act.  The Regulations will be the first step in putting the law into place in DE’s areas of responsibility, including schools, Education Other Than at School (EOTAS) settings, pupil referral units, statutory youth settings and office accommodation of specified ‘Public Service Bodies’.

The consultation will run for 8 weeks from 22 August 2022 to 16 October 2022.

To access the online consultation go to Department of Education Consultation on Period Products (Free Provision) Regulations – Page 1 of 7 – NI Direct – Citizen Space

For further information contact Ashleigh Mitford
(Deputy Principal)
Tackling Educational Disadvantage