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Election season is just over and we are a country that’s divided in our religions, political views, and political parties yet we all need the same thing; a working Government.

Our country and its people are in crisis, we can barely keep our heads above the water and see a future in front of us.

We have a cost of Living crisis, austerity, more food banks than ever, less funding than ever and a community and voluntary sector hanging by a thread. 

Cutting the monies available to our education system, childcare system, benefit system and community sector is not a viable option, all of these services are centred around helping the most vulnerable people within our society.

We cannot expect people to keep swimming against the tide, we need our elected officials to be their lifeline, their voice, their champions. We need them to see how real these challenges are that we are facing and make change happen.

Is it easy No, is it possible Yes. The goal should always be “what’s best for the people”. A fully functioning government is what’s best and what is needed, so no matter what political party you belong to, we gave you our votes now it’s time for you to make them count.