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Are you a carer living in a rural area?  The Carer Poverty Commission is running a focus group with unpaid carers from rural areas in Northern Ireland to understand their experience of poverty and financial hardship.

The focus group will play a critical role in their research, exploring:

  • How people in rural areas with unpaid caring responsibilities have experienced poverty and financial hardship, and the impact this has;
  • How their circumstances may have changed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing cost of living crisis;
  • What the key drivers of carer poverty are, and the risk factors associated with rural carer poverty; and
  • What policy solutions unpaid carers in rural areas would like to see implemented to address poverty.

By taking part in the focus group, you will be providing the Commission with invaluable insight into the drivers and impact of poverty on unpaid carers living in rural areas in Northern Ireland. Crucially, you will also help to shape the recommendations the Commission makes to the NI Government to address carer poverty in the future.

All carers participating in the focus group will receive a £20 Amazon voucher to thank them for their time and contribution to the project.

Please note that space at the focus group is limited, so we recommend registering early.

Click here to register a place