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The challenges that the community sector is facing continues, we are tirelessly working on keeping women’s issues and services on the agenda for all government services. We have challenged, engaged and consulted with every NI Government department to ensure that the voices of women and children from every community is being heard.

Removing services and support due to budget reductions isn’t a viable option, we already have a very vulnerable society due to 10 years of austerity and a Cost of Living Crisis. We have no choice but to keep the pressure on and keep asking our elected officials the hard questions, we have to ensure that the work we are doing continues, because people cannot be abandoned in their time of need.

We need less foodbanks and better social security support, affordable childcare, living wage, and increased carer’s allowance. We have worked and contributed to every one of these issues because we know the impact that they are having on families.

We have engaged with almost every government department about all of these issues and many more within the past few years and we will continue to do so in the years to come, because change needs to happen.