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The Women and Equalities Committee (Westminster) has launched a new inquiry examining the impact of the rising cost of living on women, as households continue to come under pressure from increased costs.  The Committee will examine the impact of the rising cost of living on women’s lives and how effectively the Government’s response is in helping women to meet the costs of everyday essentials.  It will consider how the rise in the cost of living could exacerbate existing inequalities and what steps Government and other stakeholders, including different sectors of the economy, could take in response.It will be looking at the short and long-term effects on women from different types of households, whether they are low income, middle income, single parents or larger families.  The Committee welcomes evidence from individuals on their own experiences of meeting rising costs.

Siobhán will prepare a Consortium response to this inquiry focusing on the Consortium’s latest research paper on the impact of the Cost-of-Living Crisis on women in Northern Ireland.

The Women and Equalities Committee is inviting written submissions by Tuesday 7th November 2023 and further details about the inquiry are available here: