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NIRWN attended a roundtable discussion on 25th February meeting with a range of policymakers and decision makers across our islands. Three items on our agenda:

The primary objective of the Ad-Hoc Group is to secure the continued means to cooperate within and between these islands, ensuring that agreements, policies or legislation developed or enacted by relevant regional/devolved and national governments and/or the European Union are conducive of the maintenance of the conditions necessary for cooperation within and between the island of Ireland and with Great Britain.  We reiterated that our governments can only properly do that with input from those directly involved in such cooperation.

NIRWN continue our commitment to maintaining and strengthening collaborative relations within and across these islands and appeal to UK, EU and Irish politicians to ensure civic society are engaged and women are visible and represented aimed at ensuring the necessary conditions for North-South and East-West cooperation are maintained.

The Ad-Hoc Group for North-South/East-West Cooperation was established in May 2020 to secure the continued means to cooperate within and between these islands, calling on devolved and national governments and the EU to protect the conditions necessary for cross-border cooperation. Convened by Drawing together a range of organisations from Northern Ireland and Ireland, the Ad-Hoc Group for North-South and East-West Cooperation has been established as the prime contact point for purposes of meaningful consultation between cross-border civil society and regional, national and EU bodies on matters relevant to cooperation between Northern Ireland and Ireland, and between the island of Ireland and Great Britain.