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Following the Consortium’s response to the Call for Evidence on a new Housing Supply Strategy for Northern Ireland the Department for Communities has now launched a public consultation entitled “Housing Supply Strategy: 2022-2037.”

Siobhán has started work on preparing a Consortium response to this consultation which will include evidence and input from local women gathered as part of the Call for Evidence.  The consultation refers to updated data showing more women than men experience poverty both before and after housing costs.  It acknowledges there are intersectional issues around dependents/caring responsibilities/marital status and states the importance of not looking at gender in isolation.  It also states the need for further data disaggregation/research to gain a better understanding of the causes of key inequalities.

If you have any comments or wish to feed into this process please get in touch with Siobhán at

The Consortium’s previous response to the Call for Evidence is available on the Consortium’s website here.

The closing date for the Housing Supply Consultation is Wednesday 9th February 2022 and the consultation is available here