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Louise Coyle took part in a briefing to the AERA Committee on research into the Rural Development Programme LEADER Structure and on work being done on the new Rural Policy Framework on 3rd March 2022.

The research was jointly commissioned by NIRWN and RCN and has been undertaken by Professor Ruth McAreavey from University of Newcastle’s Centre for Rural Economy.

The research aims were to identify what worked well with the previous LEADER approach and what would be worth retaining in the delivery structures for any future funding programmes; to identify what the challenges have been and what needs changed to make delivery of rural development funding better and to make recommendations for the new Rural Policy Framework.

As the regional organisation working on behalf of rural women, NIRWN believe a new indigenous Framework presents a timely and much needed opportunity to actively address the historic under engagement of and delivery for women in previous programmes.
Community Foundation NI funded the project.

Full Research Report ‘Looking Back To Go Forward’ will be launched on March 29th 2022