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Siobhán has now completed a final draft of the ‘Women Living with Debt’ research paper.  It is still awaiting sign off by the Board of the Consumer Council and Siobhán will be presenting a summary of the report to the Board next week.  It is hoped that the research will be published in June 2022.

The paper contains lots of evidence from women on the impact of the Cost of Living Crisis on their household incomes.  Siobhán used some of the quotes from the research on Twitter in the run up to the election to highlight the priority which is needed to be given to this work in the new Assembly term.

Siobhán wishes to thank the Women’s Centres and Consortium partners who helped to arrange focus group sessions and individual case studies for the research paper.  Without your help it would not be possible to collect and present this evidence which helps to give a voice to local women and is so powerful in making the case for change