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Siobhán continues to attend meetings of Keep the Lifeline to discuss ways in which changes can be made to the social security system to help people through the Cost of Living Crisis.  The focus of the work of Keep the Lifeline is on the following issues which mirror closely with other work the Consortium is involved in:

  1. The government to immediately stop deducting debt repayments from benefits at unaffordable rates, which is cutting support for households far below entitlements:
    • Capping total deductions to repay Central Govt debts (DWP/HMRC) at 5% of the Standard Allowance (in line with most other creditors)
    • With an overall cap on the total of all deductions of 15% of the Standard Allowance (down from current 25%)
  2. A mid-year/Autumn uprating of all benefits (the Bank of England is predicting 10% inflation in Autumn) to ensure benefits keep up with the current cost of living, because households cannot wait until next April for the system to catch up.
  3. Urgently address the severe inadequacy of social security support, which is leaving households unable to afford the essentials.