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The Department for Education is consulting on the Period Products (Free Provision) Regulations. The Department is not seeking views on whether free period products should be widely available to the public as that is already provided for in legislation. Rather this consultation looks at these Regulations which are the first step in putting the law into place in areas where the Department for Education have responsibility including schools, youth settings, etc. The consultation is looking at:

• the proposed list of Public Service Bodies to be specified in the Regulations;
• proposals that the duties under the Act to establish and maintain arrangements to ensure that period products are obtainable, free of charge, would sit with the “managers” of schools;
• its proposals on descriptions of people and premises to be treated as ‘in scope’ for this provision;
• the list of proposed Guidance topics, noting that Guidance will be subject to a separate consultation.

The consultation closes on 16th October 2022 and is available here