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Siobhán has started a new series of focus group sessions across Northern Ireland looking at the impact of the Cost of Living Crisis on women.  So far Siobhán has carried out ten sessions and listened to the views and experiences of around 100 women on the impact of this Crisis on them and their families.  Siobhán is continuing to carry out these focus groups over the coming weeks until the end of March 2023.

The focus groups discuss the price increases which have had the greatest impact on household budgets, borrowing/debt to make ends meet, the impact of the Crisis on physical/mental health, the impact on children, how it has impacted on women’s ability to take part in social activities and what women feel would help them to cope with the increases in the Cost of Living.

Alongside the focus group discussions, a debt adviser from Advice NI is talking to the women about the free debt advice services available through their Debt Advice Helpline for anyone who is struggling with debts.  The Advice NI Freephone Helpline for Benefits/Debt advice is available at the following number:  0800 915 4604 or can be contacted via email at