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Last year NIRWN joined partners with the Community Foundation for NI and other women sector organisations to develop a conference called ‘Nothing About Us Without U’s. Women from across rural and urban NI came together to discuss key issues affecting women but to also highlight the importance of a Women’s Health Strategy for Northern Ireland. We are the only jurisdiction in the UK without a Women’s Health Strategy and local women felt that this was not good enough and that action needed to take place. A year later this project is still going strong and momentum for this campaign is growing. In November NIRWN held a workshop on selfcare and healing to discuss developments over the past year of the consortium and to encourage more rural women to join our campaign. Postcards were completed which are being collected regionally and will be presented at Stormont later in the year. If you wish to hear more about this campaign or wish to complete a postcard or receive postcards for your group, please email