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As we begin a new year its good to reflect on the successes and challenges of the year before. We have endured a lot this past 12 months and worked hard on Making Change and breaking down barriers. The regional consortium is committed to challenging Government, elected officials and MLA’s about the barriers facing women and children within our communities.

Our approach and diligence never change we know the needs of women and children and we will ensure that those needs are being met.

  • We need an anti-poverty strategy
  • we need a violence against women and girl’s strategy
  • we need a mother and baby unit
  • we need better mental health services
  • we need gender budgeting,
  • we need a living wage,
  • we need better support for Carers
  • we need affordable childcare.

We have to keep the focus on these essential services to ensure that women and children are represented in every room where decisions are being made.  We cannot continue to endure cuts to these essential services as they are affecting the most vulnerable people in our communities.

As we move forward we have a clear directive of where the consortium is needed, Engagement and service support are included within or key themes, as we are an essential link between the community & voluntary sector and the statutory and government agencies.