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Junior Minister Pam Cameron; Lynn Carvill, Chief Executive of WOMEN’STEC; Joanne Rea, WOMEN’STEC tutor and Junior Minister Aisling Reilly.

WOMEN’STEC extends a heartfelt thank you to Junior Ministers Aisling Reilly and Pam Cameron
for their recent visit. The visit provided an opportunity to showcase our work and engage in
meaningful discussions on vital topics such as ending violence against women and girls.

The Junior Ministers had the chance to hear from students of WOMEN’STEC, who shared their
personal journeys and highlighted the importance of strategies to combat violence against women
and girls as well as the need for high-quality services for supporting victims and survivors of
violence and abuse.

During their time with us, Junior Ministers Reilly and Cameron also participated in some hands-on
workshop tasks and even embraced some friendly competition, joining our tutor Joanne in a DIY

“A massive thanks to Aisling and Pam for joining us for a glimpse into our work and to have the
chance to hear from our amazing students. We were so moved by our students’ stories, which
shone a light on the value and importance of the vital services that the community and voluntary
sector provide, reinforcing the need for a collaborative approach between government, society,
community and voluntary and other sectors to bring about the change that is needed to end
violence against women and girls. WOMEN’STEC is pleased to be engaged in the conversation for
the Ending Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy.” remarked Lynn Carvill, CEO at

WOMEN’STEC expresses sincere gratitude to Junior Ministers Reilly and Cameron for their
support and dedication to championing our cause. Their visit exemplifies a commitment to
fostering positive change and empowering communities.

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