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Summer is here and the children are delighted but I don’t think the same can be said for the parents, because summer doesn’t always mean Fun, fun, fun.  The Summer holidays brings a different set of stresses for this 9-week break.  Whether or not you’re employed on unemployed the challenges that these summer months brings for families is felt by everyone.

It’s difficult to find Full day Childcare, you have to start a new juggling act between work, babysitters, Creche’s and summer schemes to try and keep everything ticking over and everyone happy.

Trying to feed children constantly through the summer can be difficult as well, organising activities everyday to keep them entertained can be difficult and financially impossible for some families, having community support such as Breakfast clubs, summer schemes etc is a lifeline to families during these times.

The financial burden for families during the summer is no longer assisted by the Government to help alleviate some of the pressures, this would help families immensely and remove some of the hardship felt by those most in need.