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WOMEN’STEC, in collaboration with funder CITB Northern Ireland (CITB NI), were thrilled to host a #NotJustForBoys taster day for P7 pupils from St Patrick’s Primary School in June 2024. This exciting event provided young girls with hands-on experience in various trades, including drills, saws, bricklaying, and car mechanics.

“Thank you to CITB for partnering with us on this wonderful event,” said Claire King, #NotJustForBoys Coordinator at WOMEN’STEC. “We are incredibly proud of all the girls who participated and hope that it has broadened their mindset around future careers and the belief that construction is #NotJustForBoys.”

Rachel Dorovatas, Director CITB NI said “CITB NI is proud to support WOMEN’STEC #NotJustForBoys Programme through our Training in Partnership Funding and were delighted to support the recent #NotJustForBoys taster day. It was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate and inspire young females to consider a future in construction and we look forward to more partnership events in the future.”

WOMEN’STEC is dedicated to promoting gender equality in the workforce by providing women with the skills and confidence to pursue careers in non-traditional sectors. The success of the #NotJustForBoys taster day underscores the importance of continued efforts to engage and empower young women in the trades.

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