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NIRWN Meeting with NIO Officials

NIRWN hosted NI Office officials in NIRWN on Tuesday 17th May.  Issues raised on behalf of membership were: Impact of no functioning government The lack of female representation at high level civic society engagements; women are 51% of our population but their voices are not being sought or heard. Clarity needed around UK Shared Prosperity Fund […]

Holding Parties to Account in New Mandate

The Women’s Policy Group (WPG) published our Key Election Asks based on some of the outstanding recommendations from our Feminist Recovery Plan (FRP). The Women’s Sector Lobbyist looked in detail at the election manifestos from Sinn Féin, UUP, SDLP, Alliance, Green Party, People Before Profit and the TUV. Please note – as the DUP only published […]

Upcoming Research: Women and Debt

Siobhán has now completed a final draft of the ‘Women Living with Debt’ research paper.  It is still awaiting sign off by the Board of the Consumer Council and Siobhán will be presenting a summary of the report to the Board next week.  It is hoped that the research will be published in June 2022. […]

Public Consultation on Measures to Strengthen the Response to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking are heinous crimes that can affect anyone, of any age, gender or nationality. Criminals and organised crime groups seek to exploit and abuse vulnerable people for their own gains, and it is vital that we maximise our collective efforts to address and eradicate this form of criminality. There have been […]

The Effect of Paramilitaries on Society in Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee was seeking evidence into the effect of paramilitaries on society in Northern Ireland.  The inquiry is looking at the effectiveness of current measures aimed at tackling paramilitarism in Northern Ireland and consider how the UK Government, NI Executive and Irish Government can most effectively work together to remove paramilitarism from […]

Campaign Update: Cliff Edge Coalition

Siobhán continues to work as part of the Working Group for the Cliff Edge Coalition on extending and strengthening the welfare mitigations package in Northern Ireland.  The focus of Cliff Edge work will now be on strengthening the mitigations package with some possible new mitigations.  Cliff Edge have been calling for new mitigations around the […]

Campaign Update: Keep the Lifeline

Siobhán continues to attend meetings of Keep the Lifeline to discuss ways in which the cut to Universal Credit can be kept on the political agenda.  Keep the Lifeline is also urging the Government to ensure that benefits keep up with the rising cost of essentials and continuing lobbying work will take place on cost […]

Campaign Update: NI Child Payment

Siobhán has joined a new Northern Ireland campaign for the introduction of a NI Child Payment.  This was a recommendation by the Gender Equality and Anti-Poverty Expert Panels and in the Feminist Recovery Plan.  The Coalition have prepared a briefing document on a potential NI Child Payment and are working on arranging meetings with politicians […]