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Speaking Circles (25th October)

FWIN is proud to present our next Guest Facilitator for our upcoming ‘Speaking Circles’ Session on 25th October from 6-8pm in Holywell Trust, 8-12 Bishop Street.Elaine McGee is a local BBC Foyle Presenter and a woman who is no stranger to speaking out. Join FWIN in welcoming Elaine to our Speaking Circles Programme, as she […]

FWIN BOOK CLUB PRESENTS: Hush-A-Bye-Baby and Director’s Q+A with Margo Harkin (23rd October)

FWIN’s Book Club Book of the Month is Sinead O’Connor’s Autobiography “Rememberings.” What better way to remember Sinead, than to speak with the Derry Girls that worked with her?Set in Derry in 1984, “Hush-A-Bye-Baby” follows the lives of four school friends (Goretti, Majella, Sinead and Dinky) who live in the Bogside and Creggan estates. At […]

Appointments to the Agricultural Wages Board (AWB)

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) is seeking to appoint a Chair and Two Independent Members to the Agricultural Wages Board (AWB). Public bodies, and their boards, play an important role in the lives of the people of Northern Ireland. A Public Appointment provides an opportunity for a wide-range individuals from different […]

NIHE Youth Forum

The NIHE Youth Forum enables youth voices to be promoted within the Housing Executive. They engage with and hold seats on the Housing Community Networks and Central Housing Forum. The impact of this work has included enabling young people to shape and influence policy in relation to housing, as well as enabling social action through […]

Cliff Edge

Siobhán continues to attend meetings of the Cliff Edge Coalition Working Group which is working to strengthen the existing mitigations package for Northern Ireland.  Cliff Edge recently relaunched their key asks and Siobhán recorded a video for social media around the Coalition’s key ask to resolve the five-week wait in Universal Credit.  The Coalition have […]

Coalition of Carers

Siobhán has joined the Coalition of Carers which is chaired by Carers NI and continues to attend regular meetings of the Coalition.  The Coalition is made up of a number of organisations all working to highlight the key issues that carers are facing across Northern Ireland.

NI Child Payment

Siobhán continues to the meet with the working group for the Northern Ireland Child Payment Coalition.  The introduction of a NI Child Payment was a recommendation by the Gender Equality and Anti-Poverty Expert Panels and in the Feminist Recovery Plan.

Guaranteeing our Essentials

Siobhán is part of a campaign from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Trussell Trust calling for an Essentials Guarantee within Universal Credit.  The Essentials Guarantee would embed in the social security system a principle that at a minimum Universal Credit should protect people from going without essentials. You can read more about the campaign […]

Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) Consultation

The Department of Education (DE) has launched a consultation on the circumstances and arrangements which would enable a parent or carer to excuse their child (opt-out) from receiving age-appropriate, comprehensive and scientifically accurate education on sexual and reproductive health and rights, covering the prevention of early pregnancy and access to abortion. Siobhán will be making […]