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We are finally coming out of lockdown (hopefully the last) and summer is on the horizon, stores, restaurants, bar and Women’s Centre’s are opening and life as we know it is starting to have a semblance of normality about it.  Women and children are starting to filter through the doors again and we are loving it, the centre felt cold and lifeless without them, these women are the beating hearts of our organisations and we value them. 

Resilience is a mark of the strength of women, we have endured and conquered everything that lockdown threw at us and still want to engage in courses, focus groups and challenge opinions.  We have given our voices to several online consultations throughout this year and we know there is still plenty of work to done to achieve women’s equality.

We contributed to:

  • Women’s Regional Consortium Response to Work & Pensions Committee Inquiry into Universal Credit Five Week Wait for First Payment
  • ·A Response to: Hate Crime Legislation in Northern Ireland

  • ·Response to: Domestic Abuse and Family Proceedings Bill

  • ·Women’s Regional Consortium consultation response to the Carer’s Leave consultation

  • ·Women’s Regional Consortium consultation response to Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay issued by the Department for Economy

  • ·Women’s Regional Consortium response to Second Independent Review of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Assessment Process in Northern Ireland

  • ·Women’s Regional Consortium response to Zero Hours Contract Bill Consultation

  • ·Response to: Domestic Abuse Leave Bill Consultation

  • ·Response to: A proposal for a Bill to ensure free access to sanitary products, including in schools, colleges and universities.

These are all massive and significant issues that are affecting women and we can only feedback what our women tell us, so thank-you for getting involved and helping us keep women’s issues/rights at the top of the agenda.