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Following a number of focus group sessions on the issues around adult social care Siobhán has submitted a Consortium consultation response to this consultation.
The consultation was wide ranging and focused on issues around the social care workforce, choice and control in relation to care, prevention and early intervention and supporting carers.

Siobhán highlighted the issues around the gendered nature of care with a large proportion of those providing unpaid care being women.  In addition, many of those working in paid care are also women.  This has implications for these women in terms of their ability to participate in the workforce, increase their incomes, fulfil their potential and be active members of their local communities.

Unsurprisingly, the focus group sessions focused heavily on supporting carers.  Many of those who attended were providing care for adults in their lives and struggling to cope with limited support.  The impact of the pandemic and the Cost of Living crisis were also evident on their caring experiences.  There was an overwhelming sense of feeling unsupported, undervalued and forgotten while carrying out this important work.

The Consortium’s submission was full of quotes from women providing care which highlighted the range of areas around which action must be taken to better support carers in their caring role and to better provide for those who need care.

The Consortium’s submission to the consultation is available on the Consortium website.